Animal Behaviorist,  Michael Mandell,

along with his wife, Connie, an experienced dog

handler, will provide both you and your dog(s) with an

outstanding, one of a kind learning experience.


Services Provided:

Customized programs to meet the specific needs and temperament of each individual dog.

Personal demonstrations.

Hands-on instruction and practice with you and your dog.

Private, In-home, One-on-one sessions.

Puppy selection assistance.

Assistance in matching the dog breed to the family and lifestyle.

Coaching services to help you prepare for your new puppy or dog to succeed from day one.


Alpha K-9 Obedience is committed to helping you develop a mutually respectful, trusting relationship between you and your dog. We believe that to have a positive, successful relationship with your dog, you need to understand how your dog thinks; dog psychology if you will.We teach you how to communicate with your dog in a clear concise manner, using dog psychology, not human psychology. We will teach you how to become the leader of the "pack", thus getting your dog to follow your direction and really enjoy it. By doing that you are building a trusting relationship between you and your dog. We specialize in dealing with dogs with difficult behavioral issues, helping them to become well-adjusted members of your family.


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